St. Ignatius Day Connected Classroom Part 1 – Faith, Ignatian Values & Modern Society

Here is the first video of students, from Jesuit Schools in different parts of the world, asking St. Ignatius of Loyola about: sharing faith, Ignatian values and the challenges of our modern society.

As some of you will remember, this year to celebrate St. Ignatius Day, we hosted two Connected Classroom live video connections, one in the morning and one in the evening, where we brought together students from Jesuit schools in different parts of the world.

The students had prepared questions which they would like to ask St. Ignatius if he were still alive today. In the Virtual Class, students then shared these questions and other students answered in the way they thought St. Ignatius would have answered.

We had two very inspiring and educational sessions and we would like to share these with you through a series of short videos. These videos are a wonderful example of students learning from each other and of using technology in a creative way to connect with students from other countries and continents. We were very impressed by the students’ creativity, their open minds and their open hearts as they shared with other schools from the Global Community.

In this first video, which we are delighted to share with you today, you will enjoy the creativity of the questions and the thoughtful answers from students in Macau, Hong Kong, Kolkata, Mumbai, Belgaum, Jaipur, and Hazaribag.

These are some of questions asked by Asia Pacific and South Asia students, to St. Ignatius of Loyola, during our morning session.

1. How should I best share my faith with others?
2. Ignatius, if you were asked to continue your missionary work, which place would you chose as your headquarters?
3. Well, we have so many problems like corruption and crime in our country, what would St. Ignatius do to help us solve them?
4. How can the values of you, St. Ignatius, be applied in our daily life in modern society?

The answers which other students gave were extremely interesting, insightful and heart-warming.

Enjoy this colorful video and stay tuned for the next video of the series which sees students ask and answer questions on the Examen, ecology and our water supplies.