Seminar “Masters of the Next Generation” – A Training Seminar for the Teaching of Religion in an Interdisciplinary Way

The School Pastoral Care Section of the Jesuit Education Foundation of the Euro Mediterranean Province is offering the Jesuit/Ignatian schools of the global network a training seminar for the teaching of Religion in an interdisciplinary way, having Religion contributing to other fields of study such as Civic Education, Scientific and Humanistic subjects, with a lens on Global Citizenship.

A team of teachers from the Jesuit Education Foundation schools has, for the past two years, collaborated with Prof Giuliana Martirani, a University Professor of Political and Economic Geography and author of several books focusing on issues of justice and peace with a Christian perspective, to draft a series of textbooks for the teaching of Religion.

These textbooks are Ignatian, containing the whole Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm from the ‘Ratio Studriorum’ up to the recent document ‘A Living Tradition’ (ICAJE 2019). They are deeply rooted in the Magisterium of Pope Francis, particularly in the encyclicals ‘Laudato Si’ and ‘Fratelli Tutti’. They also follow the Italian guidelines for the teaching of Civic Education.

These textbooks are of fundamental importance in establishing the contents, pedagogy, and strategy of the teaching of Civic Education/Global Citizenship and contain numerous sources and materials for the preparation of pastoral educational programs.

These textbooks will be presented in a three-day seminar, entitled ‘Masters of the Next Generation: All Together with Passion’, which is going to be held between the 29th of August and the 1st of September 2022 at the ‘Fraterna Domus’ House in Sacrofano, in Sabina, a few kilometers from the centre of Rome. During the seminar, the participants will be involved in a number of workshops to draft a “Teacher’s Guide” by utilizing Don Milani’s method of ‘collective writing’.

The seminar is open to:

  • all teachers of religion at all levels.
  • teachers of Science, Humanities subjects, and Civic Education
  • school coordinators of Global Citizenship and the Curriculum
  • school chaplains.


The Coordinating Team: Fr. Eraldo Cacchione SJ, Professor Giuliana Martirani, Sister Rita Ndoci SJBP, Professor Antonello Famà, Professor Edoardo Prandi, Fr Alessandro Viano SJ.

Fr. Eraldo Cacchione SJ

Professor Giuliana Martirani

Sister Rita Ndoci SJBP

Professor Antonello Famà

Professor Edoardo Prandi

Fr Alessandro Viano SJ