Resources and Lesson Plans for the Right to Education – La Silla Roja 2022 from Magis Americas

Magis Americas launched their back-to-school campaign, La Silla Roja, on September 15th. La Silla Roja is an annual global citizenship education campaign that uses a red chair as a symbol for the right to quality and inclusive education for the over 244 million children and youth worldwide who are still out of school, highlighting the impact a lack of access to education has on personal and communal development.

In 2022 the theme for La Silla Roja is Building Community, Building Hope because if we have learned anything from navigating the world post-pandemic, it’s that we need community and support from many sources to provide for our students, especially those most in need. This year we will explore how centers for education demonstrate the Ignatian value of Cura Personalis and how communities care for students’ needs in addition to their education. This year’s campaign is an opportunity to explore how education opens doors for learning, growth, and human development outside of classrooms and how it contributes to creating more just and equitable societies.

La Silla Roja: Building Community, Building Hope is structured in a three-part challenge that will run until December 2022. Each phase can be completed in 45 minutes, or one class period, and can be implemented using the challenge activity sheets. Participate in defending the right to access quality and inclusive education and choose to #BuildCommunityBuildHope. Sign up your school here and get started with our action packet. The packet is also available in Spanish for world language classroom implementation.

Once the students have completed the final phase, “Act,” experiences and reflections should be submitted to the Global Citizenship Education team at Magis Americas and we will share the experiences on the International Day of Education 2022 on Tuesday, January 24, 2023.

Become a part of the movement! Join Magis Americas as we work towards “inclusive and equitable quality education” and lifelong learning opportunities for all.

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