Reflection and Action to Strengthen Religious Formation

By Comunicación EDUCSI
Feb 12th, 2024

For two days, from January 11 to 12, twenty-five people belonging to the EDUCSI commission, the Pastoral subcommittee and the pedagogical commission participated in a meeting, known as tripartite, in Madrid. The focus of the meeting was to delve deeper into Global Identifier #1 of the “A Living Tradition” document: the firm dedication of Jesuit schools to being Catholic and offering deep faith formation in dialogue with other religions and worldviews.

The day, which began with a presentation by Antonio Roura, director of the magazine Religión y Escuela, focused on the subject of Religion in the school network. Roura provided a historical and contextualized approach, exploring the legal and jurisdictional framework proposed by the LOMLOE. In this first section, educators were encouraged to detect theological nuclei for religion classes.

After this first part, the meeting continued with group work in order to share concerns and barriers present in the centers. After a time of prayerful reading, Thursday afternoon focused on sharing some positive experiences from schools in the EDUCSI network. The day concluded with a very constructive group reflection.

Friday morning began with a meditation guided by Diego de Kisai Haro sj, followed by debates on central axes and challenges to strengthen the teaching of the subject of religion in Jesuit schools. culminating in an enriching assembly of interdisciplinary dialogue.


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