Prayer Series for LENT 2023 – Week Sixth “Incarnation”

Continuing with the Prayer Series for LENT 2023, JECSE is pleased to share “Incarnation” a prayer for Week sixth on this special time of Lent.

This collection of meaningful prayers and reflections, written by Fr Vytautas Sadauskas SJ from Lithuania is a great opportunity to focus on what is important rather than what is urgent.

There will be seven prayers, each of them dedicated to one concept and they have a structure that allows them to be used in their entirety or in parts, to pray and reflect individually, with the faculty, the students, and the board.

We appreciate the effort of Fr. Vytautas and we are excited about the possibility of praying together as one apostolic body.

These prayers and reflections will be shared each week for the next seven weeks. Here is the link to download the prayer for Week 6, “Incarnation”.

To see and download the complete series of prayers and reflections for LENT 2023, please click on this link Prayer Series for LENT 2023 – JECSE

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