Playful Education in a Playful Universe

Most education systems focus on amassing information, rather than stimulating discovery and triggering transformation. The rapid pace of change today calls for an “out of the box” approach to make teaching and learning more relevant and innovative. In this document “Playful Education in a Playful Universe” I propose a creative approach that will revolutionize education.

Science shows that the universe is in constant motion involved in a cosmic dance, as it were, and humans are the most playful of all animals. Quite a few religious traditions reveal a playful, dancing, humorous God. Play is fun but not frivolous. It is not only beneficial for physical health but makes a positive impact on intellectual and emotional growth too.

Students have responded enthusiastically to a particular form of playful Cosmic Meditation that fosters body wisdom and is non-competitive, non-consumerist and non-violent.  I intend to make a fervent plea for a more holistic approach to education that involves head and heart, body and spirit. The document concludes with a challenge to design playful education to be more attuned to a playful universe.

To download the document follow this link: “Playful Education in a Playful Universe”. This document was published in “The International Journal for Transformation of Consciousness”, Vol. 3, 2017.

Fr. Prashant Olalekar SJ is Director of the Department of Interreligious Studies at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, India. Fr. Prashant has made presentations on related topics at universities in India and USA. He has also directed playful Cosmic retreats for priests, religious, staff, students and people of all faiths in India, Ireland and USA.