One month away from JESEDU-Rio2017

We are ready for our global gathering. 

I can remember in detail the 2014 meeting in Quito, Ecuador, when the Secretary of Education, Fr. José Alberto Mesa, SJ presented the President of FLACSI, Fr. Hugo Moreno and the Delegate of Education of Brazil, P. Mario Sundermann, SJ with the idea of holding the first International Congress of Education Delegates in Latin America.

Brazil’s generous response to host the meeting was only preceded by the acceptance of FLACSI to manage the coordination. The original date of this meeting was for 2016, but then, with the call to celebrate General Congregation 36, there was a change of plans, and the new date promised the best conditions to hold a meeting whose central objective is to strengthen the Global Network of Secondary Education looking at the future while learning from our rich history and tradition.

Three years have passed since that invitation and today we can say that we are ready to welcome the Education Delegates of the 6 regional networks and propose a week of intense work that will seek above all to strengthen the relationship between the Delegates of Education and respond together to the challenges of the Global Network of Secondary Education.

The preparation for the congress has generated enthusiasm and consolation; regardless of the distances and different languages, we have met with generous people and institutions willing to collaborate with time, ideas and resources for the success of this meeting.

Education DelegatesOn the other hand, we have inherited the work methodology created in 2014 for SIPEI-Manresa. The SIPEI organizing team has offered us permanent support and advice, which will allow us to present an innovative proposal that includes the fundamental elements of our educational and spiritual tradition so that Delegates can discern and plan.

Those who cannot attend JESEDU-Rio2017 will be able to accompany the Congress through the coverage of the communications team, made up of communication professionals from 5 partner institutions.

Thus, in a month’s time we hope to be celebrating the beginning of the Congress JESEDU-Rio2017. We are looking forward to receiving the Education Delegates and guests from different parts of the world and welcoming Father General, who will accompany us.

As an organizing team, we are at the service of Jesuit Education; an education which accompanies the transformation of men and women with the aim of creating a more just and united world. As summed up by the motto of the Congress: “United in Global Network, a fire that kindles other fires.”