OIEC – Solidarity Operation with Catholic Schools in Ukraine

The Secretary General of the OIEC paid a visit of solidarity and prayer to Lviv in Ukraine. In that occasion he visited the Catholic schools of Lviv transformed into reception centers for refugees. He witnessed also the drama that affects thousands of people, women, children and old people, thrown on the roads, trying to reach the Polish border in terrible conditions (cold, hunger, endless waits at the border post ). Therefore, OIEC has decided to launch a solidarity operation to support the Catholic schools of Ukraine in their attempt to host and help the refugees.

The following call for help has reached OIEC from its Ukrainian member :

Education is first of all about personality formation. Each of the schools under the care of the Public Union “Catholic Education”, thus, is first of all part of a community of people. It is evident now, when our community takes joint actions to respond to the threats of war. Our schools, kindergartens, lyceums in Lviv opened their doors for refugees from all over Ukraine. For those fleeing from war, we provide food, shelter, medical care. We are grateful for any support from your side! Per day, for sustaining 1 person we spend approximately 5 euro. Now, in our locations in Lviv as of now we host:

30 people – in the Gymnasium of the brothers Sheptytsky; 20 people – in the Student Collegium near Pokrova Church; 200 people – in the Pokrova Family House

You can contribute to our activities using the requisites below:

Purpose of payment: Charitable donation for Ukraine/ Public Union “Catholic Education” / ГРОМАДСЬКА СПІЛКА “КАТОЛИЦЬКА ОСВІТА”

Intermediary banks: KBC BANK NV, Brussels/ Belgium (SWIFT: KREDBEBB) or COMMERZBANK AG, Frankfurt/ Germany (SWIFT: COBADEFF) or UNICREDIT S.P.A., Milano/ Italy (SWIFT: UNCRITMM) or RAIFFEISEN BANK INTERNATIONAL AG, Vienna/ Austria (SWIFT: RZBAATWW)

Beneficiary’s bank : JSC KREDOBANK Lviv, Ukraine
IBAN : UA593253650000000260080031858

This article was originally published in the website of the International Office of Catholic Education (OIEC)