New Tools to Work and Teach Globally From Educate Magis

So far, in 2022, we have seen countless activities happening in our global community while more educators from different parts of the world continue to join this wonderful global community. We are now over 14.000 members strong!

Thanks to each of you and your initiatives to connect with each other to form multicultural global working and learning groups, and to create intercultural experiences for your students, our global community keeps growing strong in its purpose. We are united, collaborating, and networking to contribute to the delivery of the holistic vision of Jesuit education.

To support your global collaborative initiatives, the Educate Magis team with the support and feedback from members of our global community has created and improved the following tools and initiated new learning opportunities for global groups.


New and improved tools in Educate Magis.


1. Online meetings and remote teaching from your Educate Magis profile.

You can now create and schedule online work meetings with your colleagues from your Educate Magis profile.

You can also create remote classes with your students.

These two new features are totally free for members of our global community. To start using them just go to your profile in your Educate Magis account and follow the steps.

Also, in your profile, you can choose and display your educational interests, which will help you and other educators make global connections based on similar educational interests.


2. We added alternative projections of our globe in our interactive map of schools.

Have you ever wondered if there is a map that is accurate or which projection of our globe is the most accurate? This year we have added a neat feature to our Interactive (Online) JGNS Map, you can now see 8 different map projections that allow for a more educational and interesting way of browsing and locating schools.

This new feature could be a fun and interesting resource to bring to your classroom. Here is an article that explains the different projections added to our interactive map.

Learning opportunities with global groups for staff formation.

This year has been particularly important for supporting staff formation in our schools from a global dimension. Thanks to the support and joint work of different Taskforces and Heads of Schools from various schools, we have been able to bring together teachers who are new to Jesuit education, as well as educators who wish to refresh their Ignatian knowledge and practices, to attend online courses with global groups.

1. Global Group Formation on Four Key Practices in Ignatian Spirituality.

In the first quarter of this year, several educators from the European network of Jesuit schools (JECSE) attended a global group learning experience, which was facilitated by Elisabeth Clarke, Director of Ethos at Clongowes Wood College SJ, Clane, Ireland, and Lourenço Eiró SJ, former Education Delegate and Chaplain at Santo Tirso College, Caldinhas, Portugal, and lasted eight weeks. This course was conducted in English with participants from Spain, Portugal, Poland, the UK, and Ireland. It was an opportunity to either learn new and/or deepen spiritual practices and create new connections and friendships.

In addition, the first pilot of this course in Spanish took place in March and April, with a group of headmasters from Spain, who shared their feedback and inputs for the improvement of this course.

We are currently organizing new global group learning opportunities offered to schools from different regional school networks.

2. Global Group Formation in Global Citizenship.

In early May 2022, a group of educators from Spain, Guatemala, Chile and Colombia reflected on our global community and our personal relationship with others through the Educate Magis Global Citizenship Course. This group learning experience was coordinated by Maria Oliva García de Casasola from Spain, and facilitated by Yenni Lopez from Spain and David Chamorro from Chile in a blended learning mode, which allowed participants to complete lessons at their own pace and also to participate in facilitated online sessions that introduced the concept and application of Global Citizenship.

Course participants demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm and engagement by actively sharing and interacting throughout the 45-minute session. The learners also made small commitments, such as preparing a summary of the lessons, and coordinating and planning the implementation of Global Projects within their schools and school communities.

The next global group learning experience in Global Citizenship will take place in November.

If you would like more information about any of these global learning experiences, please leave a comment in the comments section below or email us at

For more ways to participate in Educate Magis we invite you to explore “Get Involved”, a new page that shows some examples of how we can relate and/or connect with other members of our global community.

Educate Magis is a vibrant global community that connects educators from our Jesuit Global Network of Schools (JGNS). Together, we are “transcending boundaries and borders, to open a new way of proceeding for our schools in service of the Jesuit mission: companions of reconciliation and justice – with God, within humanity and with creation (GC 36 Decree #1).” (Text taken from the Educate Magis Mission Statement).