New features for September

By Mark Cummins
Oct 9th, 2015

Here are some of the new features that were added last month.

School Profiles Update

  • We have updated the school profiles section. Schools can now add more content to their profile. If you are a school moderator, you can now upload documents or link external documents to your school profile.
  • You can also add youtube videos and a link to your school magazine or newsletter.
  • Note: if you are interested in becoming a school moderator please get in touch with Ciara (

New & Improved Notifications

  • We have added some new notifications. When there is new activity in a group you are a member of such as a new conversation or new reply, you will get a notification.
  • The notification icon at the top of the page has also been improved so you can see and jump to recent notifications without having to load the notifications page.


Machine Translation Improvements

  • We have also improved the automatic translation. If you are logged in you can see it on this page, as well as on other sections such as the activity, group and conversation sections.
  • You can now pick which language you would like to translate to without having to change the setting from your profile.
  • The list of translatable languages has also been updated. There are currently 48 available languages to pick from.


New Documents Feature

  • We have added a new feature to the documents section to show how many documents are in each language. There may be some documents in one language that are not in others. You can use this feature to see how many documents are in each language and to quickly jump to a different language to search for more documents. We hope to add this to the keynote and video sections soon.


Profile Visibility

  • You can now choose what gets seen (and who sees it) on your profile page. You can access this by going to your profile, clicking Settings and Profile Visibility.
  • You can change your email settings from the settings section which sets which emails get sent to you.

blog-profile visibility

New Profile Roles

We have updated the roles on the site from Teacher, Educator, Student, Alumni, and Parent to School Leadership Staff, Teaching Staff, Pastoral & Counselling Staff, Support Staff, and Society of Jesus & Province Leadership Staff. You can update your position by clicking on Community, Profile and Edit

Subscribe To Groups

You can now subscribe to groups to get emails when new conversations start. Go to the group home page and click the subscribe button and you will receive an email if a new conversation starts in the group.


Look out for the subscribe button to start receiving emails and keep an eye on the site for more updates!