New features for August

By Mark Cummins
Sep 4th, 2015

We are continuously updating the site and adding new features. Here’s a quick breakdown of what we worked on in August.


Keynote series

  • We have added a new feature to the Keynote section of the site. The Keynote series are a collection of videos which are available for registered members of the Educate Magis community. Our first Keynote ‘The Examen in Practice’ was made available on the site this week. Registered members can view our first full keynote series here or read about it here.

Keynote Screenshot

Schools & Networks

  • The layout of the schools and networks section has been updated. They will now also respond better on mobile, tablet and desktop. Keep an eye on this section as soon there will be more updates to help make it easier for schools across the world to connect!

School Profile


  • We have also improved the resources section on the site. The documents, videos and keynotes have all been tidied up to respond better to mobile, tablet and desktop screen sizes making it easier to use Educate Magis on the go. Categories and tags have been added for all of these resources making it easier to find specific resources. The resource pages have also been paginated in order to allow you to find past videos and keynotes.

Widgets & Favorites

  • You can now favorite documents. When viewing a document, click on the star to favorite or un-favorite a document. This means you will have all of your favorite documents on one place! Look out for the favorite button (below) when viewing a document.


  • These documents will then appear as a list on the documents page in the new Favorites widget. You can use the new categories and tag cloud widgets to help you find what you are looking for. The search capability has also been improved to show more information and allow you to search for more items such as blog articles and links.



Keep an eye on the site for more new updates!