My Gossamer of Hope

Dear God,

Life snakes through the darks and dungeons,

And I, like a bird fly the curvy crosses,

Asking myself: where am I?, why am I?

And, Who am I?

And, the wind fetches for me an inkling,

When it spreads the arid dust on my face,

I sense, I am the dust of Thy feet…

I rejoice until I see the clouds swelling the sky,

I sense, I am the togetherness of your love…

I close my eyes when a drop wets my cheek,

Rain drop or my tear?

I sense, I am the tear that you shed when you smile…

I look far, far and far,

Who am I?

And, You come close and say in my ear,

That ‘You are my HOPE to this world’

And I know, I am the gossamer of hope, yours and mine!