Interview – My Experience Learning About Ignatian Global Citizenship with a Global Group – Cambodia

As part of an ongoing piloting program, in September 2021, we announced the opening of two Ignatian Global Citizenship facilitator-led global courses, one was offered for global global groups in English and the other for global groups in Spanish.

These facilitator-led global courses are a new synchronous global learning experiences for Ignatian educators. A new course modality that gives members of our global community the opportunity to learn together as a global group of learners coming from other schools and countries around the world.

In this article we are delighted to share an interview with Jin-hyuk Park, Director at Xavier Jesuit School in Cambodia, who participated in the Ignatian Global Citizenship facilitator-led global course.

We would like to thank Jin-hyuk  for sharing his learning experience with other members of our global community through this interview. Thank you Jin-hyuk!

Q1. Which of the topics covered in this course most interested you during this group learning experience? And why.

Right to Education. For this reason, Xavier Jesuit School (XJS) has been found and XJS commits to work for the quality education for all. To achieve this goal of quality education for all, we are engaging with Fe y Alegría movement in Cambodia that have been established recently.

Q2. Did you feel you gained a richer or deeper understanding of this topic by reflecting on and discussing it with a global group? If so, please explain. 

Reflecting on the topic and discussing it with a global group enabled me to get broader perspective and to realize that we have more reasons to commit ourselves to achieve this goal. In addition, it helped me to realize that we have many things to learn from others.

Q3. Was this your first time taking a course related to “Ignatian Global Citizenship” as a global group? Please explain your experience.

It is the first time. Although the most topics are not very new to me, it is the first time to meet and discuss together with other people who are engaging in the formal education. It was a chance to hear and get to know the different perspective and horizon. Also it was a good chance to reflect on what our school here has been doing despite limitation. I find that time for sharing was a bit short but I understand that it is difficult to have long hour of the meeting. One more thing. It was helpful to see and get the teaching materials and resources on Ignatian Global Citizenship. Thank to all people who shared and contributed.

Q4. What other takeaways would you like to share with other educators who might be thinking of taking this course? 

For me, one of the main purpose of going this workshop was to encourage our school staff to participate and learn from each other through this global course. Many Cambodian staff found it not so easy to engage with others in English. For some staff, it was really hard to understand what other participants say, but I was grateful that our staff tried their best to understand and participate. Also, I believe that they come to understand the importance of Global Citizenship education. They also felt that they have been already doing something positive for our students and that they gained some more idea and insights. My intention was, at least, to create some kind of understanding of shared vision that we can move forward together. I am happy and grateful that at least we have embarked on this journey together. What matters is how we continue to develop and implement what we have experienced and what we know already. At the same time, it will be important to find opportunities for collaboration with other schools. First of all, we will do something step by step.

Thank you Educate Magis and all those who worked hard to prepare and run this course for Ignatian Educators!

May God continue to bless you and your hard work!