Loyola Secondary School Guided By Ignatian Pedagogy

By Peter J. Henriot SJ
Jul 2nd, 2018

So what is “Ignatian Pedagogy” and how could we say that Loyola Jesuit Secondary School (LJSS) takes that educational approach seriously? 

To answer that important question would take up several pages for clear explanations, concrete examples and helpful comparisons.  There is no time and space in this blog for that, so for the moment let’s just suggest some of the elements through some recent photos.

LJSS Learners in front of Administration building, with Ignatian Pedagogy motto: “Forming women and men for and with others.”
“Set the World on Fire!” – St. Ignatius encouraged his early companions to provide the light and heat of a heart of love in serving others

These photos offered here were taken during April 2018 on our beautiful LJSS campus in Kasungu.  The buildings recently constructed for Administration and classroom blocks are all well marked with a special word or a meaningful phrase.  These words and phrases highlight the elements of the education influenced by Ignatian pedagogy.  They tell what the consequences should be in the lives of our learners.

“For the Great Glory of God” — AMDG (Ad majorem Dei gloriam) This is the best know of Jesuit mottos!
To “fight” with love, wisdom and perseverance – promoting true justice for all!

The hope is that as teachers and learners move around the campus, the words on the walls will ring some bells, open some hearts and move some hands – to make a difference!

Conscience: religious and moral guidance to make right decisions at right time
Commitment: willingness to engage in struggles to improve situations of our sisters and brothers
Competence: intelligent and thoughtful response that can make a difference
Compassion: movement of heart to address the sufferings and needs of those around us