Leadership By Conversation

By antonius sulistyono
Jan 23rd, 2019

Today, I’m happy because I have gathered a lot of experiences from a workshop I attended from 10th – 17th  of November 2018 with JCAP in St. Ignatius College Riverview, Sydney, Australia. The workshop participants came  from Macau, Hongkong, Philippines and Indonesia. The essential themes were MBTI, Cura Personalis, “Through the eyes of a student” Program and Growth Conversation.

Growth Conversation was very interesting for me because this program helps me to become more capable of coaching others. This is a new inspiration for me, and growth conversation became a holy conversation method. What is growth conversation and feeding forward conversation ? These are important questions to help us understand how we coach others in our school.

In Holy conversation, when we coach others, we must have the goal of helping to make others better, to improve others and to bring others closer to God. This spirit has to internalize in our goals of life, and this is “feeding forward”. Feeding forward includes an aspect of spirituality, and this is what makes it different to feedback.

To coach others with holy conversation we can use the growth conversation. Growth Conversation includes :

G = goals, with the question : What is your greatest desire right now ?

R = reality, with the question : What have you tried so far ?

O = option, with the question : Describe an idea you have to approach your goal ?

W = will, with the question : What is the best action to take ?

T = tactics, with the question : How will you stay accountable ?

H = habits, with the question : What support will you need ?

We as a coach only ask these questions and listen. We do not tell others what they should do. This method is very helpful in coaching others and helping them to find self-awareness, to understand the context of life and to find the best solution for any problems or difficulties they are facing.