Laudato Si’ Project Promotes Connection Between Humanity and the Natural World

By Jesuit Schools Network (JSN)
Jul 11th, 2016

Since its foundation at the beginning of 2016, the Laudato Si’ Project has been encouraging groups across southeast Wisconsin to take the message of the Pope’s encyclical to heart through education, stewardship and recreation.

Laudato Si projectThe Laudato Si’ Project was founded by Joe Meyer, a science teacher at Marquette University High School in Wisconsin, MI, in response to Pope Francis’s recent encyclical of the same name. The non-profit organization hopes to instill a conservation land ethic among its participants via talks, demonstrations, stewardship projects and recreational experiences of nature’s wonder.

The project has allowed students in Meyer’s own environmental science classes to enrich their experience of the curriculum with hands-on lessons and demonstrations on bog ecology, water quality, bird banding and much more. MUHS students alone have logged over 100 hours of stewardship projects, ranging from woodland restoration to river cleanups, and they have taken in the beauty they are working to preserve via such activities as hiking and snow shoeing.

To learn more about the Laudato Si’ Project, visit the website or follow the blog.  The organization looks forward to involving more schools across the country in this fulfillment of Laudato Si’.

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Source: Jesuit Schools Network (JSN)