Jesuit Global Activism Leadership Summit

This summer, I had the opportunity to participate in the Jesuit Global Activism Leadership Summit. It was facilitated by St. Louis University High School via Zoom over the course of two weekends and included faculty and staff from Jesuit schools across the globe, including schools from the US, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Spain, Italy, and Poland. I attended with two incoming juniors from Christ the King Jesuit College Prep. This was the first step in establishing a Global Education presence at my site, so it was great for these students to have the opportunity to collaborate with students across the globe and learn about pressing global issues from a Jesuit perspective.

The following two students shared their thoughts about their positive experience:

“Overall I think it was just a very interesting and formative experience. I thought it was interesting to hear different perspectives from a lot of different [places] and just hearing about the problems in those areas. We mostly talked about financial struggles and how a lot of inequities go into that. One of my main takeaways was that we still have a bit to go in terms of equality.”Alex Valdez (Class of ’25)

“My favorite part of the summit was the first part when we first came together. We were being silly at first and making jokes and then when we got to the serious parts the next day, everybody did their part and we were all able to contribute. We worked on a project about building a community and bringing people together through an app. It was nice to see fellow students and fellow teenagers trying to make a change in their community. I learned that in many different areas not everybody has the same experiences. It’s good to get out and know more about your peers’ social, political, and religious beliefs.”Damari Johson (Class of ’25)