JECSE-ZIP Web Seminar “Implementing Safeguarding in Schools”

By Agnieszka Baran
Dec 21st, 2022

On Novemvber 3rd, 2022 the Jesuit European Committee for Primary and Secondary Education (JECSE) and Zentrum für Ignatianische Pädagogik (ZIP) organized Safeguarding Web Seminar “Implementing Safeguarding in Schools”. This time we met online with Marek Spitczok von Brisinski is a trauma counselor and a consultant for institutions in the implementation of safeguarding concepts. The meeting he led outlines key elements for safeguarding in schools and illustrates practical steps for implementing a framework for prevention and intervention.

We are grateful to Marek Spitczok von Brisinski for this important meeting, sharing his experiences with us.

We will soon continue our journey with the theme of protection of minors, details of further events can be found on our,