Invitation to participate in Global Art and Multimedia Competition “Climbing the Mountain of Faith”

KOSTKA Public Jesuit High School, in Poland, is honored to invite all students from Jesuit schools to take part in the Art and Multimedia competition “Climbing the Mountain of Faith”, a competition to creatively illustrate how faith is important to them and/or the challenges they face in expressing their faith.

Competition Guidelines.-

1. Participants can use all available art techniques such as: painting, drawing, graphic art and multimedia such as short video, photography. The size of works is not limited, but we recommend A4 or A3.

2. The following information must be provided on the reverse of each artwork or in an e-mail if artwork is created in digital form:

  • name and surname of artist
  • full name of Jesuit School, city and country of School
  • technique used
  • date of creation

3. Entries can be sent to a Postal address, which you can find in the Climbing the Mountain of Faith Art contest Guidelines or to the following email address:

4. The submission deadline for artwork is 28th February 2019.

The works will be presented during a special exhibition in Kostka Publiczne Liceum Ogólnokształcące Jezuitów (KOSTKA Public Jesuit High School) in Krakow, Poland, on the school web site and on our Global Jesuit Education Platform, Educate Magis.

If you have queries regarding the competition please email Marcin Cziomer

Click here to open the Climbing the Mountain of Faith Art Contest Guidelines.