International Women´s Day Celebration 2019

By Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy S.J.
Mar 29th, 2019

Your worth is not in the things you do, Your worth lies in your care and through. You go beyond your limit in life, You are so strong from inside. You sacrifice for that one smile, You are there for people you love all the while. You are a true woman of substance, And a big salute to you in life Happy women’s day to you; For being so pure and true.

For the fourth consecutive year, St Mary’s ICSE has been celebrating woman power on International Women’s Day. The day began with the women staff entering school and being pleasantly surprised with the most delightful flower decoration outside and inside the staff room.

The entire teaching and non-teaching women staff were escorted to the auditorium by the gents’ staff and the student council. The women staff were then felicitated with a rose and a chocolate by the gents’ staff, after which the student council put up a short, but most touching and meaningful program that began with a prayer thanking the Almighty God for the wonderful women in our lives followed with the most entertaining PowerPoint presentation created by some of our talented students.

Sir Samson Dias along with a few boys showcased their singing talent by singing us two very inspiring and sensitive songs that indeed made us all very emotional. The boys from the student council spoke about some of the most famous women in the world like Mary Kom, Malala Yusuf, kalpana Chawla and Oprah Winfrey along with all their achievements which was followed by a spectacular dance performance put up by the boys of class 6.

The program ended with our Principal, Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy saying a few words after which Miss Sharda Shukla and Miss Freny Billimoria gave a vote of thanks to our Principal, the gents’ staff, the student council and the whole school.