International Conference on “Emotional Intelligence in the Service of Leadership”

On November 16th 2023, we cordially invite you to attend an international conference on “Emotional Intelligence in the Service of Leadership”. This event will be heald in the House of Dialogue, Conference Room (Horánszky utca 20., H-1085 Budapest). Our conference will be broadcast live, online and in English. The link to the webcast will be sent to you after registration on the day before the conference.

We cordially invite you to the event, for which you can register by completing the registration form below:

The title of the conference has taken a broader view of leadership. It is our view that leadership is not restricted to a role of leading a group, but should also be viewed in the context of facilitating one-to-one processes in the workplace.

The conference will be based on plenary presentations by professionals who are involved in mentoring young adults, developing them on an individual and interpersonal level, leading them in an Ignatian spirit, as well as facilitators and talented individuals who recognize the development of emotional intelligence as an essential component of performance improvement.

Following the lectures, we will participate in small workshops with the purpose of furthering the learning process and deepening the practices, where appropriate opportunities will be provided for interaction and personal accompaniment of different reflection methodologies.

This conference is primarily intended to target experienced and young (early career) professionals, as well as university students whose primary objective is to obtain qualifications as teachers or other child support professionals (preschool teachers, psychologists, doctors, social workers and mental health professionals).

To learn more and see the Conference program, please click here: