Inigo – A play / Una obra de teatro

By Gellért Merza
Jul 28th, 2016

The play, by Jonathan Moore, vividly brings Ignatius and the founding Jesuits to life for a contemporary audience is available in English and Spanish. It would be ideal for use as a text for study, campus ministry, evangelisation, spirituality, and/or to be dramatised by students.

It is a loving, lively, relevant and often funny portrayal of the saint. The British, Irish and Spanish Jesuits have already ordered the books for use in schools and colleges.

Inigo sp“As the river (Cardoner) tumbled and rolled and sparkled I breathed in… the – stuff of life. The deep core of… meaning. I was looking out at the world and in at my interior landscape with new eyes. I was… let in on the secret of it all. I am – not just in my attire – or my outward mask… or my childish dreams of being the best… but a new man. With a new mind. A new man. For others. And everything…everythingʼs changed.


See? I knew I wouldnʼt be able to put it into words properly.”

To read a complimentary excerpt provided by the author please click here.

“Jonathan Moore makes Ignatius accessible to us, capturing much of the drama of the Spiritual Exercises themselves, an excellent discovery for schools and colleges. I hope that is something we may look forward to.”

James Hanvey SJ, Master of Campion Hall, Oxford University. (

The book is available to order in Spanish: “Íñigo. Una obra de teatro” and in English: ”Inigo”

To read more about the play see the articles about the English and Spanish edition.

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Jonathan Moore is an award winning actor, writer and director. BBC Tv and Radio, Royal Shakespeare Co, Donmar, West End, Royal Opera, English National Opera, Shakespeare’s Globe, member of Artistic Advisory Committee at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art etc.