III Young Jesuit Educator’s Training 2018 – Kathmandu

By Ananad SJ and Sunny Jacob SJ
Nov 12th, 2018

“Together we can be more and better” 22 young Jesuit Educators meet at Godavari Ashram, Kathmandu from the 6th-12th of October- 2018. The meeting was organized by JEASA and ICAJE to encourage spirited collaboration and networking among the young Jesuits who are pursuing Education in South Asia. About 22 delegates from the South Asian Assistancy participated in the conference. The resource persons were Fr. José Mesa SJ, Secretary for Education, Curia, Rome, Fr. Sunny Jacob SJ, JEA South Asian Secretary of Jesuit Education, Fr. Keith Abranches  SJ (Socius to POSA) and Fr. John Ravi SJ, PCE (Delhi).

It was an unpretentious effort to elucidate the prominence of ‘Being Global and Having a Global Citizenship mindset to answer all the global concerns in an Ignatian way. In the welcome address by Fr. Amrit Rai SJ, Regional Superior, Nepal, he clearly stated that “we are for others and only because of others we Jesuits carry out our given mission”, which set the conference to move ahead with clear precision. As the conference continued, it had some 5-crowning moments for the participants:

1. Enriching Moment: – “Who you learn from is as important as what you learn”
2. Enabling Moment: – “Problems can come from anywhere but we bring the solution”
3. Empowering Moment: -‘The Questions can deepen us but the answers can expand us”
4. Encouraging Moment: -“Impossible can become possible and the Improbable can become probable if it is the will of the Lord”
5. Enacting Moment: -“The Problem with Jesuits is not what they don’t know, it is all about what they don’t do”.

Educate Magis virtual participation.-

Educate Magis; a platform for us to be truly global.  We had a very fruitful and enriching interaction with Educate Magis, Ciara joined us virtually, to tell us about all the recent initiatives by the Global Network and the possibilities for us to be part of the global network. She explained us all the features of the online platform and clarified the questions raised by the participants. We decided to be part of it by contributing to the platform and also connecting our classrooms globally. Thank you Ciara for the wonderful online session with us.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the delegates are convinced that the new “signs of the times” warrant a change in our way of proceeding.  This new way of proceeding includes ongoing communication and collaboration through a continued development of our international network of schools.  The goals of our collaboration will be to better serve the faith, justice, and care for the environment, to build bridges between youth and their faith communities, to develop stronger Jesuit/Ignatian Apostolic communities, and to provide our students with opportunities for a truly global education.

Our international network of schools is uniquely suited to educate global citizens who will be able to participate in a globalization of solidarity, cooperation, and reconciliation that fully respects human life and dignity, and all of God’s creation.

Based on all these the Young Jesuit Educator’s Training in the Assistances sponsored by Fr. General, we know that we have a long way to go, but we began in Kathmandu.

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