Great News! We Have Updated the “My Profile” Area on Educate Magis!

We have great news, we have updated the “My Profile” area on Educate Magis! With this update, we offer our members a more intuitive space to find and connect with Ignatian educators.

Thanks to this new interface you can now choose and display your educational interests, which will help you and other educators make global connections based on similar educational interests.

The new design also allows you to show your achievements, specifically the badges you have been awarded for completing either a self-paced or a facilitator-led course on Educate Magis.

In addition, now it is easier to connect and collaborate with colleagues from other parts of the world! You can exchange direct messages with other community members, and manage invitations received for collaboration with other educators.

Your “My Profile” section on Educate Magis is focused on facilitating connections and collaboration within the global community. You are the creator of this profile information and it is up to you to decide the level and amount of information you will share, but remember that your input is vital to further strengthen the global collaboration between Ignatian educators. This is why we invite you to complete your profile and keep it up to date.

We will soon add the option to create and manage remote classes and virtual collaborative meetings from “My Profile”.

What do you think of the new design and interface of “My Profile” on Educate Magis? Tell us about it by leaving your comments below this article, thank you very much!