Gonzaga CITY DAY: in the name of human and environmental ecology

This year’s central theme was the dimension of integral ecology in which humanity, nature and care for the environment are thought of as deeply connected and interdependent aspects.

On the occasion of the 53rd World Earth Day, which falls on April 22, an important date also in the calendar of global citizenship, the common thread that accompanied the day started from the slogan “A school open to the city, a city open to the world” and from the question “what is the world we dream of and that we are committed to building?”

We must courageously become aware that the environmental and relational crisis we are experiencing can be faced by dedicating attention to the education of those who will be called to care for our common home tomorrow. The proposal is not only for some but for all. Therefore, we believe that living a day dedicated to games, workshops, sport and integral ecology … can be a beautiful opportunity that we offer to the city and that we offer each other, sharing it with all those who wish to recover the pleasure to be together. The appointment aims to call everyone – governments, businesses, citizens – to invest in our planet and in future generations. Act now to protect health, our families and the environment. Innovate immediately to try to reverse course. Building now a more sustainable and fairer future. The future of the planet is the future of its inhabitants”. P. Vitangelo Denora, Director General of the Gonzaga Campus

This year’s Gonzaga City Day was also thought of as a stage in an itinerary that will lead to the meeting with Pope Francis on the theme ‘Citizens in the World’ scheduled for next 10 June.

The intention was to offer citizens the opportunity to enjoy the large green spaces of the campus, allowing young people of all ages and families to experience opportunities for creativity, sport, entertainment, intergenerational and inclusive play.

It was a day in which all came together as a community (teachers, students, parents, non-teaching staff, groups, sports instructors, pupils) so as to widen the physical and symbolic boundaries of the city and the world (of children, young people, families, associations of the city of Palermo) – an Institute Day open to the whole city!


A day to …

• rediscover the pleasure of meeting each other, looking into each other’s eyes, cultivating relationships;

• allow children and young people and families to experience opportunities for creativity, sport, entertainment, intergenerational and inclusive play;

• welcome children and families, schools, associations, sports federations in the city and offer them the opportunity to spend a day together on campus, taking advantage of all the opportunities.

• celebrate World Earth Day, living in contact with nature and the large green spaces that the campus offers, and renewing the commitment to implement choices that combine the care of the planet and attention to the education of those who will be called tomorrow to guard the common home.

It was a day dedicated to play, workshops, sport, relationships… a beautiful opportunity to share with other children and families in the city who can become future school companions.

The workshops focused on 8 thematic areas that characterize Gonzaga’s educational proposal:

• Sports & Health,

• Ecology & Environment,

• Digital & Technologies,

• Art & Creativity,

• Global Citizenship & Multilingualism,

• Spirituality & Life Choices,

• Social & Political,

• Cultures & Communication.

For each of these areas, some workshops (in Italian or English) and specific sports activities for each age group were proposed by teachers and educators on campus (School, International School Palermo, Polisportiva): 3-5 years, 6-10 years, 11-13 years and 14-18 years, lasting one hour and thirty minutes. Many workshops were also open to adults, in the form of parent-child dynamics. At the end of a laboratory shift, those who wished could continue by choosing and participating in another laboratory of the following shift; in this way it was possible to have different fun and stimulating experiences.

  • All those who participated were given a free kit containing:
  • An Eco bag with the Gonzaga Campus license plate.
  • A pen with the Gonzaga Campus logo.
  • A compass to navigate between the various Lab. & Sport.
  • A map to reach the various spaces of the activities.
  • A Ticket to access the free lunch break.

The day, the labs, the sports, the lunch, the kit and all the opportunities offered were totally FREE!

Here is an example of an interdisciplinary laboratory called “Sustainable living… even with words”, obviously, with a real Global Citizenship approach.

The teachers involved were Professor Rossella Vedda (English), Professor Bondì (Italian, History and Geography) Professor Caruana (Science and Ecology), Professor Crisenza (Technology) and Professor Agosta (Italian).
They divided the visitors into teams, first making them participate in a crossword puzzle on Wordwall with words (in English and Italian) relating to the earth and sustainability, then they played digital and hard copy puzzles and other themed games in Italian and English.
The winners took home a potus plant to take care of.

On this website (https://gonzagacampus.it/programma-lab-e-sport) you can get an idea of the day’s programme.

Here is the link with all the images of the day https://gonzagacampus.it/city-day-2023