Global Survey on Collaboration and Networking

“Because of the magnitude and interconnectedness of the challenges we face, it is important to support and encourage the growing collaboration among Jesuits and Jesuit apostolates through networks.” GC36 D1, #35

jesuit networking Trying to deepen on the insights from the General Congregation 36, the Jesuit Networking Project is launching a global survey to understand attitudes and behaviors regarding Jesuit Networking and Collaboration. The idea is to reach out to Jesuits, collaborators and the wider community of Jesuit friends and alumni, for a better understanding of the meaning and possibilities of collaboration globally. At the end of June, the results will be presented at the World Union of Jesuit Alumni (WUJA) meeting, in Cleveland.


The Jesuit Networking project ( has been working on the promotion of networking within the Society of Jesus under the umbrella of the Secretariat of Collaboration. Since 2012 there have been colloquiums, workshops, tools, publications and a blog with continuous communication around the topic of Networking.

The survey is part of a new attempt of checking how the global Jesuit apostolic body really understands collaboration, and to identify potential areas to improve in order to foster this dimension that has been identified as important perspective in our contemporary way of proceeding in the last General Congregation. The questionnaire is made of 43 questions that can be answered in about 8 minutes covering a range of topics from experiences of collaboration, personal insights from experience, use of technology and tools, identifying current networks, or select topics and procedures that could be of interest to the user.

The survey is intended for all the Jesuits and people involved with Jesuit-related organizations or ministries, including alumni from the extensive network of Jesuit educational institutions. This is a first step in generating feedback from those potentially served by networking efforts, and is an effort to co-create the most valuable experience for all stakeholders. The research will serve as a foundation for future research and the design of specific collaborative proposals. The results will be released at after the official presentation by Fr. Dani Villanueva, SJ and Dr. Facca Miess at the World Union of Jesuit Alumni at the end of June.

If you have any issues, suggestions, comments on the survey tool, please send us a note and we will update the survey for future distribution. If you have a larger network of contacts that may benefit from our research on Jesuit networking and collaboration, please let us know at and we will make it available for them. Here is the link to the survey: Jesuit Networking and Collaboration Survey