Global Jesuit Education Network Agenda – 2018

By Secretariat for Education
Mar 14th, 2018

The Secretariat for Education was set up by GC31 with the aim of assisting Fr. General with the promotion of the educational works of the Society (D.28, No.31). The current Fr. General, Arturo Sosa SJ, in continuity with this General Congregation, has requested the Secretariat to assist him in the promotion, animation and coordination of secondary and pre-secondary education of the Society of Jesus in the world. In order to fulfil this task, the secretariat has established a strategic plan with objectives and tasks. Within this strategic plan it is considered important to be able to accompany and animate the regional networks, and to promote and coordinate the global network within the educational sector. This accompaniment is carried out through the participation of the secretary in regional (6) meetings and events of importance such as meetings of the delegates and school directors, amongst others. In addition, the secretary, Fr. José A. Mesa SJ, takes advantage of his participation in these events to visit some of the schools in the area surrounding the meeting so he can gain first-hand knowledge of the schools and learn about their challenges, difficulties and achievements.   

It is a real privilege to see the work being done by Teachers and School Leadership Teams in the Jesuit schools around the world. It also gives me the opportunity to hear the voices and opinions directly from some students and parents which becomes a source of inspiration and feedback to the educational work of the Society and allows us to provide guidelines which respond to the true context of our schools” -shares the Secretariat for Education, Fr. José Alberto Mesa, SJ.

For each visit, the secretary coordinates his work with the Regional ICAJE (International Commission of the Educational Apostolate of the Society of Jesus) Delegate. This has allowed the work of this International Commission to be strengthened further, in addition to the face-to-face meeting which is held in the offices of the General Curia in Rome every year.  

“A large part of the work in coordinating and animating the global network is achieved thanks to new technologies, especially with the emergence of platforms such as Educate Magis, but there is still a small percentage of work which must be done by the Secretariat in the field. This is an irreplaceable part which serves to enrich the work we carry out”. These new technologies allow us, when it is not possible to physically travel to the location where a meeting is being held, to participate virtually in the meeting.

In addition, Fr. José A. Mesa SJ participates in other international meetings on behalf of the Society of Jesus.

Below are some of the meetings the secretary will participate in throughout 2018:


15 – 17.      Washington, Georgetown University. Conference on Jesuit Networking.
25 – March 2.    Lusaka, JESAMED – Delegates meeting – virtual participation.
27 – March 2.     Loyola, Spain, JECSE – Loyola Conference for Secondary Heads – virtual participation.

6.  NYC, USA Northeast Province Trustees Convocation. Worldwide mission of Education.

9.   Boston, USA Northeast Province Trustees Convocation. Worldwide Mission of Education.
13- 14.  Dublin. Educate Magis AGM with Board Members and Board of Directors.
23-28.  Nairobi. OIEC, steering committee, council.

23 – 26.    Rome, annual ICAJE meeting.

8-12.    Bilbao. International Association of Jesuit Universities.

3 – 7.    Buenos Aires, Argentina, FLACSI Directors Meeting.
8.   Buenos Aires, Argentina FLACSI General Assembly.

7-12.    Kathmandu, Nepal. Seminar on Jesuit Education for young Jesuits.
16-19.   Minneapolis, USA. JSN Presidents’ and Trustees’ Cohort Gathering.

No date assigned. JECSE Delegates Meeting.
No date assigned. Rome, Italy. UISG-USG Commission of Education.                       

13-15.   Yogyakarta, Indonesia. COJESEDU – Jogja2020.