Global Citizenship Course: Learning and Teaching Human Rights

Human Rights are based on two fundamental values: equality and human dignity and as such are an essential aspect of an integral and shared humanism.

As Pope Francis reminds us “Human Dignity is the same for all human beings: when I trample on the dignity of another, I am trampling on my own”.  Our human rights underpin the human excellence and the quality education we aim to offer our students.

As many of you will know, some Global Citizenship experts from the Educate Magis Community have developed an online course on Global Citizenship. The course looks at different themes within Global Citizenship, and how we can teach these themes in our classrooms to help our students become citizens of the world.

One of the modules focuses on Human Rights, on the Sustainable Development Goals and on Catholic Social Teaching. These topics serve as an important framework for us to work together as Global Citizens and to respond to the Social Injustices of our world. This module is the second of five modules in the course and serves as an important introduction to the following module which looks at Social Justice.

The Module consists of a short introduction and 3 lessons. Each lesson includes a combination of text and videos to facilitate different styles of learning. The lessons also include questions for reflections which can be answered in your own notebook at home or through the online conversations at the bottom of each lesson to be shared with the community. We have also included some lesson materials which you can take and use in the classroom with your own students once you’ve completed the module.

We invite you and your colleagues to take this module as part of the 5-module course. You can take the modules consecutively, from 1 to 5 or pick out single modules which you find particularly interesting.

The course is free, you just need to log in to Educate Magis to enrol and access it!

The fullness of grace can transform the human heart and enable it to do something so great as to change the course of human history,” – Pope Francis