Exploring the Publications of the Secretariat of Education: On the Construction of New Facilities for Jesuit Schools

On the Construction of New Facilities for Jesuit Schools

The Society of Jesus, through the Secretariat of Pre-Secondary and Secondary Education, presents the Manual for the construction of educational facilities, to guide the planning and renovation of these spaces.

With more than 2,000 pre-secondary and secondary education schools and nearly 200 universities, the construction of new schools or the renovation of educational facilities is a continuous task in our network of schools.

This flexible document offers criteria and suggestions for decision-making in accordance with an educational proposal based on an active, personalized and transformative pedagogy. The goal is to create spaces adapted to the needs of their communities and respond to the cultural and social contexts in which they are located.

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Some Considerations on the Construction of New Facilities for Jesuit Schools


Flexible guide that seeks to provide considerations and suggestions for decision-making to the teams in charge of planning and building new school facilities. The goal is to complete the construction of spaces aligned with the Jesuit educational proposal, based on an active, personalized and transformative pedagogy, with a comprehensive approach that involves both the person and its local and global environment.

The guide presents a brief description of the projects and provides criteria for discernment that varies according to the different possible scenarios. The cultural, social and geographical diversity to which our educational spaces respond requires a particular reflection for each case.

In the words of Fr. José Mesa SJ, this manual will be a useful tool in the process of building new educational facilities, in which we seek to ensure that our schools continue to be an apostolic instrument to better serve the apostolic mission of the Jesuits of promoting justice and reconciliation with God, humanity and creation.

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