Experiences of the Red Chair Project by students in St. Aloysius Malta

Andrew: When I heard the teacher talking about the red chair project I first thought of my friend who has a mental disability and I instantly got the idea that we go talk to Father Edgar about this great project that makes us think about others and not ourselves (be egoist). This is one problem that this generation has and should be changed. If this happens the world will become a better place and more generosity and voluntary work will increase.

Kyle : Basically we are five determined students with a vision to promote the Red Chair Project. We got interested in this campaign when our PSCD teachers talked to us and showed us a video on the Red Chair Campaign. Our school  is always asking us to be Men and Woman for Others so this campaign touched our hearts. When I talked to my friends we agreed to do something to give our part to the world. Because if it’s not us, then who, if it’s not now, then when.

Nathan: the first thing that I thought about when entering this campaign was that we could make a difference together. Maybe a small one, maybe a bigger one but at least the things we will do would help a some people. I hope that what we will do will make a very good influence on others and they will also start helping other people with different problems, some of which may be education, social problems or even problems which may involve expressing your thoughts and sharing your difficulties with other people. I just hope that these people know that we are all the same and no one is different or better than others, we are all people made unique. No one should feel down or feel less of him/herself whatever their capabilities and whatever they can or cannot do. We hope, as a group, that we can help many people and help others to feel for every other human being and help them as well.

Beppe: The first idea that came to mind when I heard of the Red Chair Campaign is that not everyone has the opportunity like us to go to school and get a good education. Without a good education, not everyone can get a good job with good pay for them to be able to live a life with their daily needs. It is not fair for these children who cannot go to school because of several reasons such as war, child labour, and not being able to afford to go to school. These families may not even have a solid structure for them to live under. There are so many things that we take for granted like having a bed to sleep on or even to have a plate of food waiting for us at home. One of the main things we take for granted is our education which is so important not only for us but for those around us in the future.

Jamie: The first thing that got me into this was when I saw the Red Chair Video produced by St Aloysius College while having a PSD lesson. It is important that we will be able to spread the word faster and more efficiently to help a lot of children who don’t have the money or the status go to school. Education is the most important thing for people to find a job and going to school helps a lot. We need to spread the word about the Red Chair Campaign as it will definitely help a lot. As a group of 5 we can definitely make an impact on this and help spread the word. We as a group instantly thought that not all children are fortunate enough to go to school. If we don’t take the initiative not a lot of people will.  

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