Ex-students Show Their Appreciation to the Teaching Staff of St. Mary’s School (ICSE)

The teaching staff of St. Mary’s School (ICSE) were truly taken by surprise and joy, at what unfolded in the morning assembly. Two of our ex-students of the 1999 batch, Taha Jodiawala and Dhruv Kotak came to the podium carrying a bag full of envelopes which contained a touching letter of gratitude and a cheque for each teacher, old and new. This was their way of saying thank you to the teachers of St. Mary’s I.C.S.E. and appreciating their efforts in making them Men For Others.

They called each teacher to the podium, in the order of seniority and very humbly presented the envelopes to them.

They also shared, with the boys in the assembly, their fun times in St. Mary’s.

After the presentation, Ms. Clementine Monteiro, the Secondary school co-ordinator thanked Taha and Dhruv, for their gratitude shown to the teachers. Taha then invited senior teacher, Ms. Sharda Shukla to say a few words. She too reiterated what Taha said, adding that their batch was a fun-loving batch, but never disrespectful towards their teachers.

The Principal Fr. (Dr.) Francis Swamy S.J., and the entire teaching fraternity of the school take this opportunity to thank Taha and Dhruv for the same. God Bless them and their families.