“Escuelas Profesionales de la Sagrada Familia Foundation” is awarded with the AFA Prize for its contribution to the social progress in Andalusia (Spain).

By Abraham García-Quismondo García
Dec 14th, 2022

SAFA Foundation, awarded for its educational and social work, has been honoured together with Alalá Foundation, Proyecto Hombre Granada, Andaltac+I+D+i and the chef José Andrés, in the twelfth call of the Andalusian Associations and Foundations Awards.

The AFA Awards have acknowledged since 2010 the work of associations and foundations in Andalusia regarded as public interest for their significant contribution to the social development in different fields, such as education, cooperation, enterprise, research and environment.

In this call, the jury has bestowed a Special Recognition to chef José Andrés, for his constant humanitarian work done through his NGO World Central Kitchen with the goal of bringing food wherever a catastrophe takes place.

The jury, chaired by Antonio Pulido Gutiérrez and made up of Lorenzo Amor, María del Monte, José María Pacheco, Jesús Vigorra, Juana Martín, Manuel Vizcaíno and Raquel Revuelta, has determined to give the AFA Award in the Education, Culture and Sport category to SAFA Foundation for its double educational and social work. 

For over 80 years, SAFA Foundation has offered a really wide range of educational training at all educational levels, from Early Childhood Education to High School, with a special attention to Vocational Training. SAFA currently has over 20,000 students and 1,500 educators distributed in 26 schools in all Andalusian provinces and more than 500 students in the Teaching University in Úbeda. 

In its candidacy for the award, the social initiative of the entity has been highlighted because of its collaboration with different institutions to facilitate the access of students to those educational resources they need; a way of behaving that has its origin in the educational tradition of the Society of Jesus and its effort to offer quality and innovative training, equipping students with a Christian vision of life that makes them compassionate towards the weakest, very aware of the world in which they live, and consequently, committed to social transformation and competent in broad fields of knowledge. 

In this way, SAFA deploys different educational programs such as #SAFAEmprende, aimed at promoting and recognizing the entrepreneurial talent of vocational training students, the Lean Management program destined to professional profiles or the SCHOOL&TALENT program developed together with Endesa to train and accompany intellectually gifted students.

Escuelas Profesionales de la Sagrada Familia Foundation is part of the EDUCSI network of Jesuit schools in Spain. EDUCSI, in turn, is integrated into JECSE, the European network, and Educate Magis, the global community of Jesuit and Ignatian educators.

The award ceremony was held on November 17, at 7:00 p.m., at the head office of Cajasol Foundation, in Seville. The award was given to Enrique Gómez-Puig Gómez SJ, as General Manager of SAFA.