Educate Magis is Looking for an Online Community Projects Facilitator (with Spanish)

Educate Magis is a relatively new and innovative internet-based initiative with the Mission of nurturing a vibrant online community to connect educators from the 2,000+ Jesuit/Ignatian schools around the world. The Educate Magis online community platform was launched in April 2015. Educate Magis continues to develop and update in response to real needs of the worldwide Jesuit Education community, and today has a worldwide community of more than 13,000 members, from more than 70 different countries.

Educate Magis is looking for an experienced facilitator / project manager to join the team!

The Setting: Day to day communications will be in English with the Galway Educate Magis team but also in Spanish and / or French amongst members of the global community. The work will be a mix of international travel, a lot of home-office working (should that be your wish) and some (or a lot if you wish) office-based work in an office in Galway City, Ireland.

The Role: This exciting role will give you the specific and main responsibility to:

1. help facilitate the growth of the online Jesuit Education community, including managing the lifecycle of members joining, participating, contributing, volunteering and retiring. (this will include providing support to the community members through all the stages of the member lifecycle including handling queries, questions and/or requests sent by email/chat/forum; managing and updating the library of resources shared by the members; recruiting, training and managing volunteers, etc.)

2. coordinate the Staff Formation (online learning) Program of Educate Magis including the planning, development, delivery and promotion of online courses related to Jesuit Education with members from different schools around the world.

3. forge relationships, build bridges and collaborations, partnerships and be one of the key links from our team with the many Jesuit Schools.

As a member of the team, you will also have the opportunity from time to time to:

4. facilitate the development, promotion and coordination of global online events related to Jesuit Education, such as online retreats, colloquiums, global gatherings, etc.

5. support the team with general tasks, e.g., proofreading and translating in your native language, reviewing and providing feedback on new project and initiatives.

The Opportunity: Educate Magis is offering you the opportunity to:

– be in on the ground floor of nurturing a much-needed worldwide community.
– have the chance to make a real difference in the world of young people.
– be empowered and encouraged to achieve great results.
– be in community with the leaders of Jesuit Education and Ignatian Spirituality.
– have the opportunity for occasional travel to different parts of the world where the Jesuit Education network operates.

Note: This is not a digital, inbound marketing, social media manager role.

To learn more about this role please click here.

Applications: To be considered for this position please apply at Community Facilitator – Apply anytime between now and the 25th of April! Be sure to detail your specific interests in the role and don’t forget to include your compensation requirements.