Educate Magis: A Jesuit source for better education

Jesuit Education is aimed at forming human beings who are Conscientious, Competent, Committed and Compassionate individuals who are persons for and with others. This vision of Jesuit Education is rooted in the spirit of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.

Educate Magis is a great platform not only to come to know and learn about Jesuit Education—vision, mission, inspirations, hopes, and good practices,—but it is a great platform for coming together and finding a world that is so different and at the same time so similar as one global human society. The resources in Educate Magis could be used in various fields and contexts. This is truly a great platform for teachers to connect to the remote classes for learning as well as for sharing their knowledge with others. This also has great value to see where  Jesuit Education Institutions are and how they are working in unison to reach the goal of Jesuit Education. We are really grateful to the one who emerged with this Idea of connecting Jesuit schools globally through Educate Magis.

Educate Magis resources have been very helpful to us in Nepal. We have been able to use Global networking for Student Exchange Programs physically (With India, Japan, and the UK). We want to expand this exchange programs to other places and countries. These exchange programs have exposed our students to other cultures of the world. The students learn to accept and appreciate the differences we have in the world. They learn that these differences are for celebration and not a threat to each other. The teachers and students learnt the value system of different cultures and shared our culture with others. We encourage online meetings as well, however, to be honest, we are not able to connect easily due to various reasons.

The Jesuit School map is a great source of knowledge of the Jesuit Education Ministry for our students, teachers, and parents. The display of the Global map, Characteristics of Jesuit Education, Global Identifiers of Jesuit Schools, etc., have helped our stakeholders to know about the basic thrust of Jesuit Education.

Resources like the An Integrated Holistic Infographic, the Global Map of Jesuit schools, several educational documents, and so on are very useful.

We use the webpage and the resources to educate not only our students but also the parents and guardians whenever we have Parents-Teachers meetings. We try to inculcate IPP in the lives of people through our presentations, seminars, and meetings. Global projects and global citizenship fields are also helpful in making the students aware of the world situation.