Ecological Education and the Magis

On March 22, Maura Toomb Estevez, chair of the theology department at Regis High School in New York City, presented on the topic of ecological education (Goal 5 of the Laudato Si’ Action Platform) for the Ignatian Solidarity Network’s Renewing the Earth group members.

During the presentation, Maura shared insights from her environmental theology class. She provided an overview of the course and the institutional change project that her students completed. Students were invited to imagine an institutional change Regis could make to better “care for our common home.” A requirement of the project was for students to explain how their proposed change aligned with UAP 4 and the “Caring for Our Common Home: An Ignatian Perspective” document.

Students generated thought-provoking projects that varied from suggested curricular changes to proposing a compositing program on campus. One group even proposed a formational change in which the students asked themselves and administrators how Regis could demonstrate its values by providing “Sabbath time” to students and by intentionally uplifting alumni who promote care for creation in their career paths.

The presentation was practical and enlightening. If you missed the gathering, you can access a recording of the conversation. Maura has also generously shared her slides and curriculum outline with conversation participants.


This article was originally shared in April issue of the JSN Hemispheres newsletter.