During Lent, ‘Food Thursday’ looks and feels different at St. Ignatius College Riverview in Australia

What does it mean to have a ‘Meaningful Lent’?  It’s about doing things differently – to make time for personal reflection and spiritual renewal, to fast, to pray, to give to those in need and to be more compassionate.

The students of St Ignatius’ College, Riverview, in Australia have a tradition of sharing food on Thursdays during mentor (homeroom) time. This group of 12-16 students from Grade 7-12 take turns in supplying snacks, birthday cake or treats for each other to share.

During Lent, we proposed that ‘Food Thursday’ looks and feels different. During Lent, on Thursdays, we will bring our awareness to others. This initiative is being supported by staff and led by the student leaders in each House.

Here is our school’s Lenten program:

Week 1

Food Thursday as normal – but stop and say grace (a prayer of gratitude) before sharing.

Week 2

Allocate only $5 for Food Thursday.  What can you share with only this limited resource – and consider those with limited incomes.

Week 3

Food Thursday with no plastic waste – we can abstain from creating extra waste on this day and so care for our common home.

Week 4

Everyone makes a Gold Coin donation to the Project Compassion (Caritas) box – so that others can have food – not just on a Thursday.

Week 5

No food – but a conversation about what this has been for…. Or another idea of your design.

Week 6

Make morning tea for a family member at home – or a cup of tea/ coffee for a parent without being asked.