Dr Roberta Metsola, President of the EU Parliament, visits St Aloysius College

On the 9th December, Dr Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament, visited our College. She had received her education at our Sixth Form between 1995 and 1997.

Upon her arrival and entrance into the College Theatre’s foyer, she was greeted by our Rector, Fr Jimmy Bartolo sj, the Sixth Form’s management team, staff, and members of the Sixth Form’s Student Council.

Fr Jimmy delivered his welcome speech, followed by Dr Metsola’s address. She spoke fondly of her time at Sixth Form, mentioning the values she gained, and the birth of her interest in activism. While sharing her professional background, she stated how politics is ‘really a force for good if it is not abused’. She went on to explain that we ‘can’t take values, liberties and democracy for granted’, and encouraged all students to use their voice and their vote well.

The questions posed by members of our Sixth Form Student Council included challenges faced by women in politics and the ongoing war in Ukraine. When asked to share a message to students wishing to pursue a career in politics, Dr Metsola asserted, ‘put your hand up, be ready, don’t let anyone hold you back. Just do it.’

Head of Sixth Form, Ms Gabby Abela, thanked her and presented her with a special memento – a frame featuring a collage of photos taken from the College annuals – in honour of the occasion.

Following the ceremony, Dr Metsola was escorted to the Sixth Form for a nostalgic trip down memory lane: a viewing of the class photo hanging in one of the Sixth Form’s corridors. After a few joyous interactions with students in the corridors, she was then treated to some refreshments in the Assembly Hall, along with the Sixth Form management team.

As mentioned by Fr Jimmy during his speech,

‘My heartfelt wish is that you may continue to embrace the values you have received from your family, and from the education you received from Church schools, including this College. May you continue to do a wealth of good and raise the dignity of the weak and vulnerable in Europe. Above all, may you live as a person for others and with others. Thank you for visiting us today.’