Is “Cura Personalis” What Best Makes your School Ignatian?

Another characteristic of Jesuit education which might shine through on a daily basis in your school is Cura Personalis (care for the individual). 

In page 5 of the e-book Characteristics of Jesuit Education-An Abridged Version – 2014 we are presented with various descriptions of what Cura Personalis means. Here is one that might help you create your schools’ Magis Mannequin Challenge scene.

“Jesuit education recognizes the developmental stages of intellectual, affective and spiritual growth and assists each student to mature gradually in all these areas.  Thus, the curriculum is centred on the person rather than on the material to be covered.  Each student is allowed to develop and to accomplish objectives at a pace suited to individual ability and the characteristics of his or her own personality. (42)”  

 Another characterization that might be helpful is one gathered from the Characteristics of Jesuit Education written by the International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education (ICAJE).

“Growth in the responsible use of freedom is facilitated by the personal relationship between student and teacher.  Teachers and administrators, both Jesuit and lay, are more than academic guides. They are involved in the lives of the students, taking a personal interest in the intellectual, affective, moral and spiritual development of every student, helping each one to develop a sense of self-worth and to become a responsible individual within the community.  While they respect the privacy of students, they are ready to listen to their cares and concerns about the meaning of life, to share their joys and sorrows, to help them with personal growth and interpersonal relationships.  In these and other ways, the adult members of the educational community guide students in their development of a set of values leading to life decisions that go beyond “self”:  that include a concern for the needs of others. They try to live in a way that offers an example to the students, and they are willing to share their own life experiences. “Cura personalis” (concern for the individual person) remains a basic characteristic of Jesuit education. 19”

Is “Cura Personalis” what Best Makes your School Ignatian?

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