Creators of Hope – 10 Young Heroes for Ecology in Asia Pacific

The Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific (JCAP) seeks to identify young individuals from the region who, together with their team or group, have made a significant impact or contribution to their community in responding to the urgent ecological crises of our time. Ten persons, aged 18 to 25 years old, will be selected and granted US$2,000 to help further their projects for their community.

The recipients of the award and their works will be highlighted through various media in JCAP to give hope and inspiration to others. They will be named “Creators of Hope” of the Asia Pacific region for 2022.

Deadline of Application: 30 June 2022

● Aged 18–25 (by 31 July 2022)
● Current address is within the Asia Pacific region
● Presently working alone or with a small team on an ecological service project addressing current environmental issues that will also benefit the lives of the community, especially the poor
● The project has been in existence for at least 12 months
● Evidence of the project’s positive impact or contribution to the community
● There are no restrictions based on gender, race, religion, cultural identity, sexual orientation, or disability

Requirements to be submitted on deadline of application:
● Completed application form
● Personal introduction (500–800 words)
● History and description of the project (500–800 words)
● Letter of recommendation from lead reference
● Contact details of two (2) other references
● PDF slide presentation (30 slides max) of your project proposal, including a plan on how the received funds will be used (in case you are selected)

Selection criteria:
● Winners must demonstrate a leadership role in an ecological service project which is currently existing and running well.
● The ecological service project should have a positive impact upon the community or the surrounding biosphere.
● The present operation of the project cannot be solely because of a school requirement.
● Winners must demonstrate values such as compassion, generosity, perseverance, leadership, and teamwork. Love for creation, service for the poor, and principles of Laudato Si’ should also be evident.

● A $2,000 fund for further development of the project
● The individual, together with their team, will be highlighted on various media platforms across the JCAP network
● Networking opportunities Announcement of Awardees: 29 July 2022 on the JCAP website and socials

Announcement of Awardees: 29 July 2022 on the JCAP website and socials

The application form can be accessed at

For questions, please email