Colegio San José – Campion School Exchange Program

By Mª Oliva García de Casasola Llácer
Aug 8th, 2023

This is a short recount of the exchange program that for many years, the Campion School in Mumbai, India, and the “Colegio San José” in Villafranca, Spain have been organizing as a way to grow further as global citizens.

“For us it has been a way to grow as global citizens and we feel very blessed with this opportunity. Many thanks to Educate Magis for making this possible.” Sunil Almeida, Coordinator of International Affairs at Campion School, and María Oliva de Casasola, Coordinator of International Affairs and Global Citizenship at Colegio San José.

From “Colegio San José” (Spain) to Campion School (India).

Our rendezvous with “Colegio San José” (Spain) continued for the 7th year with 18 students and 2 teachers visiting Campion School (India) from 31st January to 10th February 2023. This was the fourth physical exchange between both the schools and it has further deepened the ties through the Educate Magis platform.

The students were hosted by Campion parents who played a pivotal role in making this exchange a success. The Spanish students were introduced to Indian culture, tradition, and cuisine via a gastronomical journey at St. Regis, a walk down the historical lane at Kanheri caves, the heritage walk at Kalaghoda, the traditional art of Mehendi and pottery, and the extravagance of Indian diversity through various dance classes conducted for them.

The Campion students along with their Spanish counterparts got immersed in the Ignatian thought process through a seminar conducted and by visiting the mission station at Talasari wherein they were introduced to the rural life of people living in India; an experience which was most cherished.

The students of both the schools and the parents have struck a bond so deep that with time we are sure it will only deepen further and with Campion students visiting “Colegio San José” in the month of May 2023, this exchange with our Jesuit partner school will bloom further in years to come as rightly stated by the Consular General of Spain who visited Campion School during the farewell that such bonds build an environment of Global Citizenship and building strong meaningful relationships among young minds is the need of the hour.


From Campion School (India) to “Colegio San José” (Spain).

‘The truth is on the streets. Go there and find it for yourself.’ Sometimes, AI, books, and Wikipedia are not everything. To actually be in the shoes of other people is a task to be done manually.  As part of the last stage of our exchange program 28 Campion students and 2 teachers found their way to immerse themselves and appreciate the Spanish culture and complete the final phase of the exchange program with “Colegio San José” in Villa Franca, Spain that began in the year 2022-23.

The students were hosted by the Spanish parents for 12 days in the month of May and a plethora of events were organized both by the school and the parents.  The students discovered the enigma of sciences through practical workshops in Physics, Botany, Artificial Intelligence, and Ornithology. Campion students spread their charm on the sports field by winning the football match and making an impressive presence on the athletic track. The students also immersed themselves in the Flamingo dance and classical music. They mused themselves in various art forms and appreciation of art, culture and historical reminiscences by visiting places such as Seville, Merida, Madrid, Zafra and multiple museums. The students were awarded with the exchange program certification on the final day of their visit.

The students strongly bonded with their Spanish counterparts and experienced a strong familiarity that existed between Indian and Spanish families. The visit has deepened the bonds between Campion School and “Colegio San José”. They continue to build a strong relationship with their Spanish friends in the Jesuit spirit which is the driving force of this exchange program.