Cleanliness Drive

By Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy, S.J.
Nov 2nd, 2018

A group of 44 students of St Mary’s ICSE in Mumbai, India accompanied by Fr. Arun Lobo, S.J. , three teachers and three PTA members marched to Girgaum Chowpatty with their motto “DIRT IS OUR ENEMY NO 1”, to clean up the beach after the Ganpati Visarjan.

Our students were all armed with face masks, gloves and biodegradable bags. They were eager to do something for the city and this was clearly seen by their sincerity and seriousness in collecting the garbage and cleaning the beach.

Before they could commence the cleaning, they all committed themselves by taking an oath of cleanliness, – led by a BMC officer.

They enthusiastically worked to clean the beach and were successful to a certain extent as they collected nearly 75 biodegradable bags of garbage from the allotted area. The boys were also thanked by the MCGM officers.

Our PTA was generous as they supplied mineral water and cold drinks while they worked. After the hard work our students put in, they were treated to burgers, fries and ice-creams, again organized by the PTA members. We thank them for their large heartedness.

We would like to end with the following quotes.

It is not just doing a good turn, to make a place look clean! It is more to instruct and learn, to keep clean, your concern!”

It is not just doing social work, while they look on! But to cultivate in our students social habits and attitudes, to carry things on.”

Education is not just adjusting the mind but training the will and feelings for cleanliness and order!”

Education is not just what you learn, But how you live!”