Challenges of Formulating and Implementing an Environmental Policy at Visitation Makumbi High school

By Tanaka Cyril Mashiche SJ
Mar 14th, 2019

Makumbi High school is a catholic owned and Jesuit run school. The issue of environment is still being taken care of by the environmental club. Its involvement in school programme is limited to the clean-up campaigns, tree planning and reclamations. Recently the club intends to embark on waste management.

The effectiveness of the club is hindered by the unavailability of an Environmental Policy which would guide and enforce management of environmental issues. The major constraint is the fact that environmental issue is being considered as a club issue rather than a global issue that the school should take part in seriously.

Developing a policy at school level has failed because the matter lacked a champion the cause in the school. The administration should have considered the issue seriously and allow the club to develop the policy on environment for the whole school and allocate time during assembly for environmental education.

On the other hand, the school curriculum is too wide such that developing a policy to cater for environmental education proper becomes difficult. More so the government does not push for such developments in school, as the case with other learning areas such as the practical study arrears (Agriculture, woodwork, fashion and textiles etc.)

The issue is exacerbated by the fact that the responsible authority, through the Jesuit education is failing to come up with a policy on environment for its schools. Above all, education on environment should be made compulsory in all schools and should be guided by a policy.

To be precise we have lobbied for waste management programme, were we wanted to collect and sort materials in the whole mission. This proposal was in line with the Laudato Si to reduce the throw away culture and promote cleanliness and economically financial gains when we sell materials which can be recycled. All this aimed promoting the concept of recycling, reuse and reduce.

In the near future we aim, under the guide of a policy, to embark on green energy projects which are sustainable and cost effective to the school. To be explicit the projects would include, but not limited to, solar power generation for lighting at night during study periods. Biogas project to intervene in generating energy for cooking food at the kitchen and at the same time managing the waste from the kitchen since they are the inputs in the process.

Environmental club patrons at Makumbi High school are:
Tr Makusha A.  ( 0773471144,  email— )
Mrs Mlambo V.   ( 0772340945,  email— )