Celebration of The Feast of The Immaculate Conception of Mother Mary

By Jackson Dsilva
Dec 11th, 2017

The feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mother Mary was celebrated jointly by St. Mary’s School (ICSE) and St. Mary’s High School (SSC) on December 8, 2017.

  St Mary School ICSE

The celebration began with a solemn mass concelebrated by seven Jesuit priests with Fr. (Dr.) Francis Swamy S.J., the Principal of St. Mary’s School (ICSE), as the main celebrant.

The Eucharistic celebration was attended by more than one hundred catholic students, and a large number of parents, teachers and other well-wishers of all faiths. The entire liturgy was planned and executed by the teachers and students of St. Mary’s School (SSC).

The mass began with a beautiful and apt skit put-up by a group of students who highlighted the sinless life of Mother Mary.



In his enriching homily, Fr. (Dr.) Francis Swamy S.J., explained the two noble principles of the life of Mother Mary. 

They are – i) ‘THY WILL BE DONE’    ii) ‘LET GO.’

St Mary School ICSESt Mary School ICSE













Father Francis Swamy explained how these two principles guided Mary to be chosen as the mother of our Lord Jesus.  He called upon the congregation to emulate the life of Mother Mary in our day to day lives.  Taking the example of great scientist Louis Pasteur, Fr. Swamy also emphasized the importance of family prayers, with special devotion to Mother Mary, through daily rosary.St Mary School ICSE St Mary School ICSE St Mary School ICSE

The Eucharistic celebration was followed by a short, fun-filled  get-to-gather for the staff of both the schools, organized by the teachers of St. Mary’s (ICSE). The programme ended by 2pm with a sumptuous lunch and a lot of gifts, prizes and surprises to take home.St Mary School ICSE St Mary School ICSE St Mary School ICSE St Mary School ICSE