A ‘Healing Earth’ Student Project – Presenting Missouri

We at St. Louis University High School have been excited and fortunate to be part of the development and piloting of the Healing Earth environmental science text.  For those of you not yet familiar with the text, in 2011, Fr. Adolfo Nicholas, S.J., Superior General of the Society of Jesus, and Fr. Michael Garanzini, S.J., head of the Jesuit Higher Education Secretariat in Rome (and past President of Loyola University Chicago) inaugurated the International Jesuit Ecology Project and its first task: to create a free, online textbook in environmental science for upper level secondary school students and beginning college students that would include discussion of Catholic social teaching, Jesuit spirituality, and a call to action for healing the Earth.  Since 2011, Dr. Nancy Tuchman and Dr. Michael Schuck (Loyola University, Chicago) have been leading a team of over 80 scholars and teachers from around the world in developing the textbook, which was piloted in ten Jesuit secondary schools and six Jesuit universities worldwide this fall term, with the public hard launch of the textbook in January 2016.  

One of the goals of the project is to develop and foster communication and collaboration amongst schools around the world. This is our AP Environmental science students’ first step towards that goal. These students, a group of 22 seniors, have researched the following documents to share as our means of introducing you to the state of Missouri and inviting you to participate in global conversation and action. 

Bill Anderson

St. Louis University High School

Healing Earth Projects Worldwide

The students of San Jose Jesuitak (Durango, Spain)  have been learning “Biodiversity” using the ebook “Healing Earth”. They have created a blog focusing environmental issues in the Basque Country.

Visit the blog entitled “Biodiversity” or read/download this Healing Earth student project entitled “Biodiversity in the Basque Country” from the Educate Magis Documents section.