8 Months to JESEDU-Jogja2024!

Now that we are only 8 months away from the II Seminar JESEDU-Jogja2024 we are delighted to launch the seminar’s official microsite, which features general information about the seminar, important recommendations on transportation and accommodation, as well as details on what to expect for pilgrimage day, as a spiritual journey for the seminar participants.


The II Seminar JESEDU-Jogja2024 is an international event that follows the II Colloquium JESEDU-Global 2021 in the 9-year cycle of international gatherings as part of our ongoing exercise of discernment for Jesuit schools, and will focus on ‘Educating for Faith in the 21st Century’.

The event is scheduled to take place at De Britto College in Yogyakarta in Indonesia from the 24th to the 28th of June2024 and it will be preceded by a virtual pre-seminar that will be held during the month of April, 2024 and will be open for the wider community to participate in.

We will be adding additional information to the microsite in the coming months, including a detailed agenda and information on the Keynote Speakers. Please stay tuned and we look forward to preparing for this event together!