12 Reflections on Paintings for Our Common Home (Painting #11 – “Tree of Life”)

By Educate Magis
Jul 15th, 2022

Fr. Roy M. Thottam, SJ, Jesuit in Kerala Province, in India, shares another set of 12 of his beautiful paintings and reflections. In this new series he focuses in the topic of  ‘Caring of Our Common Home’. We will be posting them as a series of articles every Friday! Here is painting and reflection number 11.

We hope you enjoy and use these extraordinary and unique paintings as part of your school’s programs on ‘Caring for Our Common Home’, with other educators and with your students in your classrooms.

To read an introduction shared by Fr. Roy on his work, and also see the paintings and reflections that have been shared so far, please follow this link 12 Reflections on Paintings for Our Common Home.

12 Reflections on Paintings for Our Common Home – Painting #11 “Tree of Life”, and Reflection #11 “Tree of Life”.


Tree of Life

A tree from the heart of the earth reaches to the sky of dreams,

All-encompassing tree which connects the height and the depth,

Love and freedom make nest on it.

It stand still as the mystical abode of grace.

Tree teaches the secret of silence and the lessons of compassion;

and how to be still and to grow.

Tree looks at God all day, and its leafy branches in prayer.

It purifies the environment and it gives comfort to my heart.

It gives shelter to all who comes to it, and it heals.

Tree guards the soil and water, and filter the air,

It is home for many creatures.

A tree is within me, a divine mystical tree.