12 Reflections on Paintings for Faith Formation (Painting #7 – “Distressed but in Hope”)

Fr. Roy M. Thottam, SJ, Jesuit in Kerala Province, in India, shares 12 of his beautiful paintings and reflections, with teachers in our global community, as a set of resources for Faith Formation. We will be posting them as a series of articles every Friday! Here is painting and reflection number 7.

To read an introduction shared by Fr. Roy on his work, and also see the paintings and reflections that have been shared so far, please follow this link 12 Reflections on Paintings for Faith Formation

We hope you enjoy using these extraordinary and unique resources in your Faith Formation programs with other educators and / or with your students in your classrooms.

12 Reflections on Paintings for Faith Formation – Painting #7 “Distressed but in Hope”, and Reflection #7 “Distressed but in Hope”.

Distressed but in Hope

I am thrown to the pool of agonies,

Thorns of suffering pierce my heart,

The sword of blames and prejudices stand against me.

I am pushed away to the periphery, helpless.

They plot trying to trap me into their wickedness.

But I find refuge in the Almighty

I am crushed but rise in hope.

Pushed at the border but I stand up.

God is my stronghold.

His grace strengthen me.

Though I travel through the path of miseries,

He will not let me perished,

I keep on facing my destiny every day,

Through the way of the cross towards resurrection.