12 Reflections on Paintings for Faith Formation (Painting #2 – “Breaking Bread with the Broken ones”)

Fr. Roy M. Thottam, SJ, Jesuit in Kerala Province, in India, shares 12 of his beautiful paintings and reflections, with teachers in our global community, as a set of resources for Faith Formation. We will be posting them as a series of articles for the next 12 Fridays! Here is painting and reflection number 2.

To read an introduction shared by Fr. Roy on his work, and also see painting and reflection number 1 please follow this link 12 Reflections on Paintings for Faith Formation

We hope you enjoy using these extraordinary and unique resources in your Faith Formation programs with other educators and / or with your students in your classrooms.

12 Reflections on Paintings for Faith Formation – Painting #2 “Breaking Bread with the Broken ones”, and Reflection #2 “Breaking the Bread with the Broken ones”.

Breaking the Bread with the Broken ones

They are broken,

Bruised by the wounds of life,

Tainted by the miseries,

Wearied by the burdens of life.

They are at the peripheries,

and away from all the colors of life.

Their eyes are filled with anxieties,

and their skin burned with harsh realities.

But they find comfort in Him,

Their eyes are slowly filled with new hope and courage.

In Him they see their liberation.

He is one among them, broken and wounded like them.

He is the wounded healer,

He breaks the bread of life with them.

He is the  bread of eternal life and freedom.