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“Young Reporters of our Global Network”

The 2018 Global Map is here- and it comes with a super fun challenge!

Join this global map contest with your students!

The 2018 Global Map is here and it comes with a fun challenge!

Have you ever wondered about the many adventures that the Jesuits encountered on their travels to founding our schools? And can you imagine how much fun it is to discover more about the history of our Global Network of Jesuit schools together?

We would like to invite you and your students to participate in a fun and educational activity, which will take us on a trip through some of the most creative stories of how our Jesuit schools were founded.

Participating School Videos

Thank you for participating!

Click here to see the winners

Istituto Massimo

Rome, Italy


Malaga, Spain

Loyola Blakefield

Maryland, United States

Colégio São Francisco Xavier

São Paulo, Brazil

Istituto Massimo 3SA

Rome, Italy

Colegio San Ignacio

Santiago, Chile

Colegio San Ignacio (Video 2)

Santiago, Chile

Burke Hall, Xavier College

Melbourne, Australia


Barcelona, Spain

Colegio Centro América

Managua, Nicaragua

Atë Pjetër Meshkalla High School

Shkodër, Albania

St. Xavier's School

Godavari, Nepal

Escuela Jesuites Sarrià Sant Ignasi

Barcelona, Spain

St. Xavier's School

Jawalakhel, Nepal

St. Peter's Prep & Istituto Gonzaga

Jersey City, United States & Palermo, Italy

St. Peter's Preparatory School

Jersey City, United States

How do I participate?

Step 1: Print the Global Map of Jesuit Schools and hang it up (if you don’t already have it in your school/classroom)

Step 2: Have your students find a school in a different Jesuit region to present to the global network.

Step 3: Appoint the students to become your school’s “Global Reporters” and explore the history of the school they chose.

Step 4: Record a 2min video where your students present, in a creative way, a “report” on how the school they selected was founded, including the history of the Jesuits in that country (Videos must be submitted by November 14th, 2018).

Step 5: Show your students the other videos and as a class vote for your favourite video (Voting starts on November 15th, 2018).  

"Global Report" Outline

Your “Global Report” should include the following:

  • History of the Jesuits in the country selected 
  • Origin of the Jesuits in that country
  • Foundation of the School you selected

Note: Make sure to name the sources you got the information from, e.g. name of the student or teacher you spoke to. 

Tips for the "Global Reporters"

  • Be as creative as possible in your investigation
  • Help students to investigate by getting in touch with someone in their chosen school
  • Why not connect your students with students from their chosen school via Connected Classrooms on Educate Magis so that they can learn about the history from their peers
  • You can also create Conversations or send internal messages on Educate Magis to connect with teachers of the School that you chose. 
  • Use the printed Global Map of Jesuit Schools to illustrate in a creative way the journey of the Jesuits who founded the school they selected

Don't Forget to Print the Map!


The criteria for the competition is as follows:

  • The video must be recorded using the Global Map
  • The video must be maximum 2 minutes long
  • Students must investigate and report on a school you have no previous connectios with
  • The “Global Report” must follow the outline mentioned previously
  • Video must be of good quality – i.e. image should be clear and still, not blurry or shakey and sound should by clearly audible

What are the Awards?

  • People’s favourite (video with the most votes by the Global Community)
  • Most Creative and Educational Video of the Region (Chosen by our international panel of judges)

How do I submit my video?

Submit your video to Educate Magis by either one of the following methods: 

When is the deadline?

Videos must be submitted by November 14th

(Voting starts on November 15th)

Why is the Global Map of Jesuit Schools important?

The Global Map of Jesuit Schools is a great resource for faculty, staff, students and parents to explore and learn about the diversity of our Global Network. 
Every year Educate Magis and ICAJE work to gather the latest statistical information about our Global Network of Jesuit schools, to keep you up to date and to provide you with a great resource for learning about the extent of the diversity of our Global Network. 

Ready to start the “Global Reporters Challenge”? Let your students become global reporters and present information they have learned about the Global network and the history of the Jesuits to the global community. 

Join this exciting video contest today!