Ignatian Global Citizenship

A Synchronous Global Learning Experience

Facilitator-Led Course Dates – Enroll Today!

Now you have the option of taking the Ignatian Global Citizenship course together with Ignatian educators from other schools and countries around the world. This course will be led by two facilitators on the following dates and times:

1st Live Session Thursday 02/03/2023 (12:30 GMT)

2nd Live Session Thursday 09/03/2023 (12:30 GMT)

3rd Live Session Thursday 16/03/2023 (12:30 GMT)

4th Live Session Thursday 23/03/2023 (12:30 GMT)

5th Live Session Thursday 30/03/2023 (12:30 GMT)

Each week you will have a synchronous session via Zoom, at the same time and on the same day, according to the schedule specified above. These sessions will be led by facilitators, please make sure you are available at the times and dates specified before registering. For more information about the contents click here.

Meet the facilitators

Jose Félix Falgui

Faculty of the Ateneo de Manila Junior High School English

Mary Joy Torres

Teacher at Sacred Heart School (Ateneo de Cebu)

More Details About the Facilitator-Led Course

During the week you will review the course content on your own time. These synchronous sessions will be led by facilitators who will summarize the content, facilitate group exercises, reflection, and discussions among participants from different schools and countries. Which gives you the opportunity to not only delve into the material that you have already reviewed, or that you are interested in learning, but also gives you the opportunity to share, listen and learn from other Ignatian educators living in different contexts around the world. , thus providing global perspectives, and personal opinions and experiences on the topics covered in the course.

Who is it for?

This global learning experience is appropriate for all Ignatian educators, regardless of how long you have been teaching or how long you have been in a school.

Time Commitment

Each global group will stay together for 5 weeks and meet with the facilitators once a week for 75 minutes to reflect, discuss and learn together.

¿Do you have any questions?

If you need more information about this exciting new learning experience, please contact us. Here or in info@educatemagis.org

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